Easily offended Millennials offended by show suggesting Millennials were easily offended

I’ve written a lot about how Millennials are poorly equipped to deal with adversity, as well as how easily offended we are these days. Today I saw an example of these two ideas coming together.

In a focus group for the new show The Great Indoors some Millennial audience members were offended because the show depicted Millennials as being easily offended. I implore you to follow the above link because it’s really worth a read, but an excerpt below:

“The millennial in the group said he did not like it because of the jokes about millennials being coddled, too sensitive and thin-skinned. The woman running the focus group, Gibbons said, clarified: “So, you were offended by millennials being portrayed as too sensitive.”


Looking at the trailers for the show and the transcript of the focus group, it doesn’t look groundbreaking comedy, but it has Stephen Fry and it seems like the producers enjoyed how comically their point was proven, so I’m certainly going to give the show a chance. Outrage generates interest, so the best strategy this show could have is to continue offending easily offended people, thus proving the relevance of their show. The star of the show Josh McHale commented as much in the focus group, saying that if the show is offending millennials, it’s “the best strategy ever.”

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